2016 Obamacare enrollment projections

Projections of 2016 Obamacare enrollment on a state-by-state basis by Charles Gaba of ACAsignups.net are summarized in the datasheet below. In total, Mr. Gaba is projecting a 26% enrollment increase over the number of Americans enrolled by the end of 2015. (14.7M vs. ~11.7M).  CMS is projecting total enrollment at 14.1M on the high-end by the end of 2016.

States with the highest projected enrollment increases include:

  1. Illinois (43% increase)
  2. New Jersey (42%)
  3. Texas (41%)


2016 obamacare projections courtesy of ACAsignups.net
2016 obamacare projections courtesy of ACAsignups.net

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