2016 US Health Insurance Coverage Breakout

A nice pie chart by Charles Gaba of ACAsignups.net which shows how the United States population of 323.2 Million is broken down into various types of health insurance coverage (including those that are uninsured).

Within the chart, coverage is broken down into a handful of groupings by type as follows:

  1. Employer sponsored coverage (including private employers, Gov’t, and military)
  2. Medicare (including traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage & Medicare eligible due to disability)
  3. Medicaid (traditional plans for both adults & children)
  4. Subsidized Coverage resulting from ACA (Medicaid expansion plans, subsidized exchange plans etc.)
  5. Non subsidized individual & family plans (incl. non-subsidized exchange based plans, and off-exchange plans)
  6. Other plan types (student health plans etc.)
  7. Uninsured (broken down into many subgroups)Health care coverage breakout

Health Insurance Coverage Breakout Notes

Interesting notes from the pie chart below as as follows

  • Half of the estimated 29M that are uninsured are elgible for free or subsidized health coverage.
    • About 8.0M would be eligible for free –or nearly free health coverage — via either Medicaid or CHIP
    • Another 6.5M uninsured would be eligible for tax credits that would make health insurance coverage very affordable.
    • The remaining 14.5M uninsured include: undocumented immigrants (4.7M), ineligible for tax credits (7.0M) and those that fall into the Medicaid gap. (2.8M)
  • 91% of the total US population (294.2 M) has some type of health insurance coverage
  • The largest portion of the population still receives their health care coverage via their employer.  47% of the total US population have employer sponsored coverage and about 52% of those that are covered get their coverage via their employer
  • 72.6M people (~25% of those covered) receive either free or subsidized coverage by the government.

Nice job by Mr. Gaba on this pie chart.



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