Health insurance news 6/17 – 6/30

health insurance news

6/21 health insurance news update

Health insurance marketplace news from coast to coast taking place from June 17th through the end of the month.  This time of year, health insurance news seems to be dominated by 2017 rate increase requests, and other exchange marketplace news.  But news about the Anthem/Cigna Merger will likely also heat up further.

As in previous editions of this news post.  It will be updated daily, or at intervals that make sense given news releases. so stop back often to see what is going on in the health insurance marketplace.

6/17 Health Insurance News

[wpanchor id=”1″]California insurance commissioner is against Anthem/Cigna Merger. A combined Anthem/Cigna insurance entity would control more than 60% of administrative services market alone.  This concern is related to employer heath insurance marketplace.

Ohio Sen. seeking answers about Failed co-op. The closure of InHealth will leave 22,000 members out in cold.  and marks the 13th of 23 co-ops to fail within 3 yrs.


6/20 Health Insurance News Update

Oregon announces preliminary approved rates for 2017.  Weighted avg. approved inc.  24.2% vs. 27.5% requested.  FINAL approved rates to be decided by July 1, subsequent to public hearings.

Oscar Health struggling to make money on state marketplacesHealth insurance start-up darling Oscar lost $92 Million in New York last year and another $39 Million in 1Q this year.

Harken Health Plans to offer plans with no co-pays for primary care. United Health subsidiary Harken Health in South Florida is offering free primary care visits if their members visit one of 12 primary care centers in the area.


6/21 Health Insurance News Update

Healthcare spending projection downA Robert Wood Johnson Foundation research report indicates healthcare spending is projected to be $2.6T less (over 5 years) than previous estimate.

Humana pulling out of 2 additional states.  Humana had previously indicated they were exiting AL, KS, VA, WI.   New confirmed states include CO, and MI.  Nod to for the news.

Ohio 2017 rate requests modest in comparison.  Rate requests for individual plans have been published and the avg. increase appears to be roughly a modest 13%


6/24 Health Insurance News Update

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota to limit plan choices in 2017BCBSMN will only offer narrow network plans for individuals.  100,000 Minnesota residents will be affected


6/25 – 6/30 Health Insurance News Update

White House attempting to get risk corridor lawsuits dismissed

Utah Co-Op Arches Health Plan shuts down with Millions in unpaid claims$33 Million in unpaid claims.  Yikes!




Today seems to be a relatively slow news day, but stop back frequently as this post will be updated with daily health insurance news over the next two weeks.  Health insurance news from the previous two weeks can be found here.

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