Obamacare and Democrats Healthcare Proposals

democrat healthcare proposalsThis post is the second part of a two part series identifying the healthcare proposals of presidential candidates in the upcoming election. Yesterday’s post focused on the six Republican candidates and their underlying thoughts on redefining the healthcare system.  Today’s post will center on the Democrats healthcare proposals of the two primary candidates (Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders of course).

Hillary Clinton

Mrs. Clinton is promising to defend the Affordable Care Act but build on it with reforms to help lower deductibles and other out of pocket costs. Some of her suggestions to lower out of pocket costs include

  1. requiring health insurers (and employers) to provide coverage for up to three sick visits without having to first meet the health plans’ deductible.
  2. providing tax credits to help pay for health costs that exceed 5% of household income.

Another facet of her proposal is to prevent excessive profiteering by pharmaceutical companies.

Bernie Sanders

Vermont Sen. Sanders has promised a european-style single payer healthcare system that would allow Americans to receive care without paying any out of pocket expenses.  The plan, would be paid for by tax increases on both individuals and employers.  Sanders has estimated that his system would save $6 Trillion in healthcare spending over the next decade and approximately $5,800 annually for a middle class family of four.

Out of all the candidates, Republican and Democrat, Sanders plan would be the most revolutionary and disruptive to the current healthcare marketplace.


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