Obamacare and GOP Healthcare Proposals

GOP Healthcare ProposalsObamacare once again will be an important part of the political agendas for all as the presidential campaign nears. Republican (GOP) candidates will once again vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and propose their own healthcare solution, while the Democrats will either support the ACA with reform or, suggest their own solution.

Below is a breakdown of how GOP healthcare proposals could shake out, with the Democratic proposals to follow in a subsequent post

Donald Trump

Trump has most recently indicated he would seek to to develop a system that fostered increased competition across state lines to reduce the cost of health insurance, although he has not gone into specifics on how this would be implemented.   On drug prices Trump is in favor of allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Ted Cruz

Pledged to “repeal every word of Obamacare”.  Like Trump, his main proposal seems to center around allowing shoppers to purchase plans across state lines.

John Kasich

Kasich’s plan is to reduce healthcare costs by encouraging better primary care and rewarding health insurance companies and providers for investing in preventive care. He would also provide financial incentives for the standardization of care for expensive medical situations.

Jeb Bush

Bush supports tax credit to hep them pay for individual health insurance coverage.  His proposal focuses on giving states more control over their individual marketplaces.  He also wants to increase contribution limits on HSAs, and streamline the FDA’s drug approval process.

Marco Rubio

Rubio has proposed to replace Obamacare with a refundable tax credit that can be used to purchase private health insurance.  Also proposing changes to Medicaid which would provide states a per-capita block grant.

Ben Carson

Carson would like to replace Obamacare with individual health empowerment accounts created at birth and funded through individual contributions.  This would be paired with high-deductible health plans to provide catastrophic coverage. He would also prose gradually increasing the Medicare eligibility age to 70, and update Medicaid by providing states a fixed up front payment to fund the program.

Many of these proposals are conceptual in nature without analysis that would determine how they would impact how they would impact costs to consumers or how they would impact the Federal budget.


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