Obamacare enrollment update

A recent report released by the Department of Health and Human Services highlights Obamacare enrollment milestones that have been reached since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) dating back to 2010.  Highlights of the report include health insurance coverage gains of 20 million adults from 2010-2016 — an increase of 2.4 million since the previous estimate that was provided in September of 2015.

Obamacare Enrollment Highlights

Of the 20.0 Million Americans who gained coverage as a result of ACA:

  • 17.7 Million adults gained coverage since the start of the first open enrollment period in October 2013
  • 2.3 Million young adults gained coverage from ACA inception in 2010 via new law allowing them to stay on parents policies until age 26


Tunisured rate trendhe uninsured rate has declined from 20.3% to 11.5% since 2013. The reduction in the uninsured rate by ethnic group has been as follows

  • Hispanic uninsured rate has decreased from 41.8% to 30.5% (27% decline)
  • Black, non hispanic uninsured rate rate decreased from 22.4% to 10.6% (52.7% decline)
  • White, non hispanic uninsured rate decreased from 14.3% to 7.0% (50.7% decline)

Enrolling the uninsured hispanic population has been previously identified as one of the largest challenges in achieving Obamacare goals of making sure all Americans obtain health insurance coverage, but progress has been made.

Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment

health insurance marketplace enrollmentHealth insurance marketplace enrollment continues to grow year after year.  In 2016 nearly 13 Million Americans enrolled in Obamacare plans via health insurance marketplaces vs. 8 Million in 2014 and just under 12 Million in 2015.   So while the enrollment growth has slowed, and may soon level out, it has continued to grow year over year as previously mentioned.

We will continue to monitor Obamacare enrollment updates as the Department  of Health and Human Services releases reports over time to please stop back for updates.

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