Uninsured Americans Year End 2015

Uninsured Americans (<65) Eligible for Obamacare Plans in 2015

The chart below, courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation, breaks down the 32.3 Million Americans who were uninsured in 2015 into various eligibility categories.

Of the 32.2 Million Americans under age 65 who went uninsured in 2015, about half (49%) were eligible for financial assistance

  • 22% were eligible for tax credits
  • 17% were eligible for Medicaid
  • 10% had children eligible for CHIP

The other half (~51%) of the 32.2 Million uninsured Americans were ineligible for financial assistance.  This group breaks down as follows

  • 15% were ineligible due to immigration issues
  • 15% were ineligible due to ESI offer
  • 12% were ineligible due to income (i.e. above 400% of FPL)
  • 10% fell into the coverage gap (i.e. made too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to qualify for Federal Tax Credits.  Primarily an issue in states that did not expand Medicaid eligibility)

So of the 32.2 Million uninsured Americans, all but about 8 Million Americans will likely purchase subsidized coverage, employer sponsored coverage, or other private health insurance coverage in the future as penalties for not obtaining health coverage escalate.

Two groups will likely continue to be uninsured due to ineligibility including those that fall into coverage gap, and those who are ineligible due to emigration status.

2015 Uninsured Americans eligible for ACA Plans
Uninsured non-elderly Americans who were eligible for ACA plans in 2015

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